Our Process

At All Seasons Wealth, we put the needs of our clients first and we chose to offer securities through Raymond James because it, too, is dedicated to our clients’ best interests. Successful individuals have high expectations and we find that managing their finances and portfolios rarely follows standard or software-generated models.

Because every client is unique, each financial plan is tailored to his or her unique circumstances. We deploy a broad array of portfolios designed to match our clients risk tolerance and stage in life.  Portfolios have been designed with the focus on long-term performance and meeting personal objectives that include making investments as tax efficient as possible*. This approach is time consuming, but experience shows there is no substitute. 

Our Process Graphic

Discovery Process

Once we have agreed to work together, we hold meetings to develop specific objectives. We review the client’s financial data in order to understand the current situation. This includes any brokerage or bank statements, insurance policies, and existing estate plans.

We will ask many questions regarding risk and engage in a thorough discussion to address two separate components of risk – risk tolerance, or how one feels about risk, and risk capacity, which is one’s financial ability to handle losses without adversely affecting future goals and living standards. We strongly believe that a complete, two-way conversation – not a standard multiple-choice-questionnaire approach – helps us understand how to serve our clients best.

Strategy Development

After completion of the Discovery Process, we will propose a comprehensive solution which strives to meet your needs including:

  • Our client’s financial objectives,
  • A summary of his or her current financial situation,
  • An overall strategy that states in broad terms our recommendations for meeting the client’s objectives,
  • Specific strategies that give detailed guidance on how objectives should be achieved,
  • A prioritized list of financial planning needs, and
  • An asset allocation for investments, based on the client’s objectives, risk tolerance and risk capacity.

Wealth Management Implementation

We believe implementation is crucial and prioritize each client’s financial planning needs based on his or her situation. We work with each client to complete each financial planning objective. We also work closely with our clients’ other professional advisors as needed – legal or accounting experts, for example. We stay actively involved to make sure every part of the client’s financial plan is executed completely and appropriately.

Ongoing Management

All Seasons Wealth believes in consistent and comprehensive communication with our clients. We meet with them regularly for reviews. Through our website, social media, newsletters, and phone calls, we strive to provide our clients with the highest level of personal contact.

*Raymond James does not provide any tax advice.