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Raymond James Cares 2021: Feeding Tampa Bay

On Wednesday, May 26th, our team at All Seasons Wealth had a wonderful experience volunteering at Feeding Tampa Bay. Feeding Tampa Bay is an organization leading the movement to end hunger in our community with the ultimate goal of ending hunger in Tampa Bay by 2025! COVID-19 has surged the need for food in our

The Importance of Early Investing

 “He who understands compound interest, earns it…he who doesn’t…pays it.”- Albert Einstein Compound interest is interest calculated on the initial principal combined with interest earned in previous years. In more simplistic terms, earning interest on interest.  It may seem minuscule in the moment but the foundation behind compounding interest is the amount of time left

How to Fight Financial Fraud

Financial fraud costs older Americans more than $37.5 billion each year. Familiarize yourself with these common scams to protect yourself and your loved ones. Telemarketing Tricks The opponent: Calls or sends letters encouraging retirees to buy fake products, donate to fictional charities or invest in nonexistent businesses. Fight back: Register phone numbers with the National Do Not

How Much or How Little the Kids Inherit

Talking to family members about estate planning and legacies can be difficult and even painful. These discussions, however, are an important way to share your choices with your children and prepare them for their financial futures. Here are a few suggestions on approaching this tricky topic. Communicate your values about money in a larger context. Build on the casual conversations you’ve

Who Gets What, When?

Ready to decide who will receive what from your estate, and when? It can be an uncomfortable process, even under the best of circumstances. Should you base your decisions on who wants what? Who deserves what? Or, what each family member is actually prepared to handle? With a few practical tips and a bit of

Mentoring: The 15-Minute Game Changer

There’s a new associate in your office. She works hard, shows tremendous potential, and the two of you have plenty in common. Recently she approached you about becoming her mentor. Despite the worries about whether your schedule can handle it, should you say yes? Studies show that it’s a good career move for you –

Social Security Taps Trust Fund; Should You Be Worried?

  The board of trustees for Social Security recently issued their 2018 annual report. Once again, this year’s report provided a dark reminder that the fiscal health of the program has further deteriorated. Like last year’s report, Social Security’s trustees said the program’s trust fund would be depleted in 2034. However, unlike last year, for

Where Medicare Falls Short

                It’s never too early to start thinking and planning for retirement, especially when it comes to the top three expenses: housing, transportation and healthcare. You may have a clear vision of your ideal retirement, but that dream could fade if unexpected healthcare costs start to eat away

Protecting Your Social Security Payout

                  One in three seniors will die with dementia.¹ It’s a sobering statistic, and when you consider it alongside increasing longevity, it’s easy to see why planning for the potential impact of diminished capacity on your or a loved one’s future finances is critical. More than 5

It’s Time to Spring Clean Your Finances

Now that spring has sprung, it’s time to look back on your progress this year and discuss any outstanding to-do’s with your advisor. Consider consolidating retirement accounts and requesting your credit report to see where you stand. Spring 2018 Market Closures Monday, May 28: Memorial Day Planning To-Do’s Midyear monitoring: Look back on your to-do list progress, follow up

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