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Dealing with Divorce

Parting ways with a spouse can be stressful and challenging, and navigating the process requires careful planning to answer questions like: Where will you live? How will this affect your children? How will the divorce impact your financial future? These questions may lead to difficult conversations, but they’re worth having, no matter how overwhelming the

Get Financially Fit

Tax season isn’t the only time you should be mindful of your taxes. Challenge yourself to tone up your tax strategy and keep your taxes in top form year-round. Of course, also be sure to consult your tax professional and financial advisor. 1. Find a Trainer You’ll want a heavyweight tax professional in your corner. Don’t

Eight Estate Planning Essentials

Estate planning is more than just creating a will. Here is a look at eight different documents you may need to prepare for yourself and your family. Talk to your advisor about navigating this process. 1. Last Will and Testament A legal document used to distribute property to heirs, specify last wishes, name guardians for minors and

Ensuring Your Financial Plan Outlives You

Generate seamless life transitions by tailoring your plan to the needs of both you and your spouse. Married life brings with it a divvying up of responsibility. In the past, husbands often oversaw investments and handled retirement and estate planning details. This is changing, however. And, considering women typically outlive their male counterparts, modern couples

Benefit From Your Birthdays

  Not all birthdays are about a driver’s license, getting to vote or toasting with a glass of wine. Some are important to your comfort in retirement, too. No matter who you are, the years leading up to and during retirement contain a number of key financial planning opportunities worth capitalizing on. You and your

Start the New Year with an Organized Outlook

Consider getting organized this winter season by decluttering and updating your financial plan. Check out this plan for all seasons! Still trying to think of a New Year’s resolution? Consider organizing, decluttering and updating your financial plan. To start, going paperless, embracing online file sharing and organizing your tax documents from the beginning can help

12 Resolutions for 2018

Start the new year right by reviewing and revamping your financial plan. Instead of hauling out those familiar New Year’s resolutions about eating less and exercising more, how about focusing on something that’s also very good for you in the long run – and even sooner? We’re talking about your financial plan – your fiscal

Trim the Fat

If you have to make personal budget cuts, trim items large and small. Consider these ideas for ways to reduce spending.

Essential Questions for Business Owners

You know all too well that running a business – your business – takes every second you have. It’s always on your mind. But if you’re like so many other entrepreneurs, you may not have taken a step back to see the bigger picture – how your professional and personal financial matters intertwine with each

Seven Ways to Generate a Retirement Paycheck

With retirement within sight, now’s the time to figure out how to turn your savings and investments into a paycheck – so you can live comfortably and still achieve your goals. For many, the challenge is easier said than done, and comes alongside fears of spending too much now and not having enough later or

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