Current Events: Russia/Ukraine Update

Investment Committee Team

Current Events: Russia/Ukraine Update

On February 24th Russia launched an invasion into Ukraine. Western powers have responded with unprecedented sanctions which have had significant effects on global financial markets. This is a very trying time for Ukraine and the world. While there has been conflict in the region for years, this time the scale is much larger and more severe.

While conflicts are nothing new to the markets, it is sometimes difficult to weather the storm. Markets dislike uncertainty, and there are a tremendous number of unknowns surrounding Russia’s agenda. To top it off, we are faced with higher oil/energy prices and higher inflation.

Our investment committee consistently monitors several data points to try to see if changes are warranted. Typically, these events are self-correcting over the following months. Some experts like to compare this to the Cuban Missile Crisis, where stocks declined 22% within a few short months but then recovered over the next 12 months to new highs. Or the invasion of Kuwait, with a 20% pullback and an amazing 4-month recovery.

Of course, we wish we knew what Putin is thinking (and so does the rest of the world). During last year, we made a handful of changes to the strategies in anticipation of elevated valuations, increased volatility, and higher inflation, but did not anticipate we would have an attack on Ukraine. Global markets have had a difficult time across the board, domestically the S&P 500 is down almost 9% YTD, while the Nasdaq is down 15% YTD. The MSCI European index is off over 16%.

In the past, we have used cash to protect principal, but even cash is a difficult option under the current circumstances. With inflation currently running around 7.5%, a large cash position might not make sense as purchasing power is being eroded.

We know these are difficult times, but we must stay focused on the long-term strategic plan.

As always, thank you for your continued trust and confidence.

The All Seasons Wealth Team

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