Divorce & Estate Planning

Under normal circumstances, financial planning is a key component in securing the long-term well-being of you and your family. But when you are faced with the prospect of a divorce, or planning for the future in the event of your passing, the need for financial planning can become even more critical.
Your short and long term goals will change dramatically, and you will be forced to reexamine your financial future with a new set of facts and a new perspective on life. You must also be aware that part of what drives your financial decisions will be influenced by the legal and emotional components of your situation as well.

Because divorce and death are such an emotional experience, without guidance your judgment can be compromised at times, causing you to make mistakes that could take years to recover from, or cost you thousands of dollars. This is where a financial planner can help.

When you get assistance from an experienced financial planning professional, you can work together to develop a strategic plan that will remove the right amount of emotional decisions, protect you and your future, and minimize mistakes and emotional stress that you will encounter along the way.
As a Financial Advisor with a Law Degree, my specialty is helping individuals navigate the waters of divorce. I act as a second set of eyes and ears for my clients and their attorneys by providing guidance on trust and estate planning, while also setting you up for financial success on this new path of life.

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