Do You Need Retirement Plan Management?

Do You Need Retirement Plan Management?

Do You Need Retirement Plan Management?

The value of employer-sponsored retirement plans is greater than ever. They accumulate tax-deferred money until it is withdrawn, usually in retirement. If withdrawn before age 59 1/2, distributions from tax-deferred retirement plans such as a401(k), are subject to a 10% federal income penalty. Withdrawals of pre-tax contributions and/or earnings will be subject to ordinary income tax.  Contributions to a plan like a 401(k) can reduce your taxable income. However, it can be difficult to figure out how you will manage your assets during times of financial uncertainty. All Seasons Wealth can assist you with retirement plan management for a healthy financial future. 

The conventional wisdom is that stocks should be your main investment if you are going to retire in the future. Stocks have outperformed all other investments in the long term. Stocks are attractive because they can stay ahead of inflation. However, past performance is not a guarantee of future results.

Stock market volatility is possible. Market conditions can cause stock returns and principal values to fluctuate. When shares are sold, they may be worthless or more than their original cost. It is a safe place to put your retirement funds? Should you move more to a money market fund that offers a lower return but a stable investment?

You can change the way you allocate your retirement savings to take into account changes in the market. These guidelines can help you make an informed decision.

Keep A Portion Of Your Stocks

Despite its volatility, the stock market may still be a good place to invest your money, especially over the long term. Retirement planning is a long-term endeavor.

Dollar-cost averaging is a method of calculating the cost of retirement plans that are funded through automatic payroll deductions. 

Dollar-cost averaging doesn’t guarantee a profit, nor prevent a loss. This strategy requires continuous investments in securities, regardless of fluctuations in their prices. It is important to consider your financial capacity in order to purchase securities even at low prices. Investors can use dollar-cost averaging to build shares that will help them reach their long-term goals.


Diversification is an essential principle in investing. Diversifying your investments among stocks, bonds, and other investments is a good idea. Your risk of losing any investment may be reduced by spreading your holdings among multiple investments (stocks, bonds, etc.).

The same applies to your assets in retirement plan management.

Diversification is not a way to guarantee a profit, or protect against loss of investment. It is a tool that helps manage risk.

Regularly Review The Performance Of Your Plan

It is possible to transfer assets between funds. These opportunities can be used to evaluate the performance of your plan. Markets change. Your particular circumstances may require you to adjust your investment strategy.

It’s Never Too Late To Start Planning For Retirement

No matter where you are at this point in your life, it’s never too late for you to start planning for retirement. Finding the right financial advisor is a great way to start planning for retirement, even if you’re just starting out in the workforce. An experienced financial advisor can help you create a plan for saving money before it’s too late if you are nearing retirement age. Remember, the top financial advisors in Tampa for retirement are one that helps reduce your financial risk, makes you feel financially confident, and help you with financial retirement plan management goals.

Why Choose All Seasons Wealth?

Our financial advisors are dedicated to helping every client with their financial planning in Tampa. We listen to your needs and help you determine the best course of action to reach your retirement plan management goals. We then work for you to maximize your money’s long-term growth. Our team is client-oriented and focused on delivering industry-leading results for you. 

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Any opinions are those of All Seasons Wealth Advisors In Tampa are not necessarily those of RJFS or Raymond James. Investing involves risk and you may incur a profit or loss regardless of the strategy selected. Every investor’s situation is unique and you should consider your investment goals, risk tolerance, and time horizon before making any investment. Past performance may not be indicative of future results.

Neither Raymond James Financial Services nor any Raymond James Financial Advisor renders advice on tax issues, these matters should be discussed with the appropriate professional. Forward-looking data is subject to change at any time and there is no assurance that projections will be realized. Dollar-cost averaging cannot guarantee a profit or protect against a loss, and you should consider your financial ability to continue purchases through periods of low price levels.

Prior to making an investment decision, please consult with your financial advisor about your individual situation.