Financial planning – Here are some financial mistakes you should avoid making

Financial planning

Financial planning: We all know money makes the world go round. Money is a currency that speaks for itself. With money, we can pay bills, get something nice for ourselves and take care of our family. There are many things out there that could take up our money, which is why it is essential to manage our money correctly, so we can avoid wastage and spend our money on what’s important and not get stranded.

What are finances?

Finance is defined as the proper management of money. It includes activities such as investing, budgeting, saving, or forecasting. Finance management is an important skill every individual should have. Why? Money mistakes can happen all the time-like buying a new phone you don’t need or paying an absurd amount for something you know you could get cheaper elsewhere- the list goes on and on. You should know you’re not alone if you have a few financial regrets. For this reason, financial institutions like All Seasons Wealth are established to help provide and assist you with fool-proof financial planning and the skills you may lack to manage your finances properly.

Types of finance

Finance is a broad term that describes many activities, but it can be broken down into three subcategories: Personal Finance, Corporate finance, and Government Finance.

Personal Finance

Personal Finance is a type of finance fixed on an individual’s financial activity, such as earning capacity, living requirements, and goals. It helps create a management technique suitable for an individual to help analyze their current financial position and create strategies to counter loopholes and financial constraints that may occur from time to time. These strategies may include the individual investing more time into their work to achieve long-term financial plans or goals. You may be planning on saving for retirement, which requires you to save enough. To save, you need money, and you can get this money by putting in more time at work to achieve results faster which could lead to an increase in pay. That extra money can then be put aside for retirement plans.

Corporate finance

Corporate financing has to do with financial activities that relate to running a corporation. A company that specializes in creating plastic bottles may decide to create more funds to invest in the business; to improve their sales to customers. To achieve this, corporate financial institutions such as investment banks can help raise capital to help them achieve their goals and help develop the business. Corporate financial institutions act as liaisons between the capital market and the organization. Corporate financial institutions also help the organization budget its capital correctly and effectively to help them achieve both short and long-term goals and create a clearer picture for them to decide what projects to go into now or to put on hold.

Government Finance

Government or public finance is the management of a country’s revenue and expenditures by Government institutions and also involves implementing a financial strategy. Public finance may include Deficit/surplus, budget, tax collection, and expenditures. With these strategies, such as taxation, the government can secure regular funding, which is part of the way the government helps prevent market failure. They also generate revenue through fees, earnings, seignorage, debt, and charges.

Financial mistakes to avoid

More than once or twice, we’ve all regretted spending money on a particular purchase, which could be bags, clothes, or even the wrong investment. Moving forward, we shouldn’t repeat such mistakes. There are a few basic guidelines to help you walk your financial path effectively and help you avoid more financial mistakes.

Not having an emergency fund

No matter what, always have an emergency fund. We cannot buttress this point enough. One thing sure about life is the uncertainties that come with it. That’s why we should be prepared financially, regardless of what it is. When emergencies occur, and we do not have enough cash set aside, this could lead to using expensive ways to finance your life, including borrowing and racking up high-interest credit card debt or relying on payday loans. That is not a way to live at all. If you do not have an emergency fund, All Seasons Wealth can help you build up an emergency fund and can help you start small.

Keeping a lifestyle you can’t afford

Ostentatious living is among the common financial mistakes people make. You just got an increased pay at work, and you realize you need new clothes, a TV, or a vacation. While it is essential to let go and give ourselves the royal treatment every once in a while, we should also stay conscious of our overall financial capacity. Make sure you plan for any salary increase, such as increasing your savings or paying down debt. After taking care of the important, you can improve your living standards.

Paying the wrong debt first

Having debt can be a frustrating situation. You’re always thinking of how to get that debt cleared. Finally, payday comes, and you make the hasty decision of clearing the ones that come to your mind first. At the end of it, you realize there is still a bunch of debt to sort out. When working on your debt pay-off plan, write them all down according to the interest rates; this will help you tackle your high-interest rate debt first before moving on to lower rates like mortgages.

Not having a budget

A budget is a part of income or expenditure for a particular purpose and period. Living outside your budget means maintaining a lifestyle you can’t afford. Not having a budget, you’re creating room for waste of money. Living without calculating how much you gain and spend can make your finances crash. When your finances crash, you cannot afford even the little things of life. Create a budget and stick to it. Reduce the likelihood of you falling into a financial crisis.


Life can be very hard, but life becomes more manageable with money. Having the right attitude towards your financing and having proper financial planning helps put you one step ahead of life’s challenges. With All Seasons Wealth, you can take the steps that matter to put you ahead. We communicate with our clients properly and give them options on how they can manage their finances to suit their style. Get in touch to begin your journey to financial liberty.