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How To Choose a Financial Advisor

How To Choose a Financial Advisor Do you need help managing your money? You might need some help if you are like many Americans. According to the National Financial Education Council (NFEC), a lack of personal finance knowledge can cost Americans $1,200 per year. A good financial advisor will help you to avoid these expenses

Why Do We Resist Hiring an Investment Advisor?

Here are a few reasons I’ve heard from individuals: I enjoy managing my own portfolio. I can do better than most advisors out there. No one cares about my money as much as I do. I have had awful experiences with investment advisors in the past. I don’t want anyone to know how much money

Executive Bonus Plan

Finding a way to motivate and retain executives may be solved by offering bonuses inside a Non-Qualified Plan.  However, finding a vehicle to fund these bonuses can be challenging.  Fortunately, Section 162 of the Internal Revenue Code may allow an employer to deduct certain expenses-including salary and other compensation that are ordinary and necessary business

Reasons to Roll a 401(k) into an IRA if you are Changing Jobs

There Are More Investment Options You can Get the Roth You Can Contribute to Both You Can “Borrow” from Your Roth IRA You Might Get Some Free Cash There Are Far Fewer Rules You Have Estate Planning Advantages The Rollover Is Free In addition to rolling over your 401(k) to an IRA, there are other

Why Do We Resist Hiring an Investment Advisor?

  Here are a few reasons I’ve heard from individuals: “I enjoy managing my own portfolio.” “I can do better than most advisors out there.” “No one cares about my money as much as I do.” “I have had awful experiences with investment advisors in the past.” “I don’t want anyone to know how much

Why Life insurance for Business Owners is Important

The death or long-term disability of a business owner may lead to internal turmoil, customer erosion and disruption in revenue flow. Many owners’ net worth is tied up in their businesses and while dealing with the day-to-day rigors of growth, they don’t think about disruptive events.  Life insurance can help mitigate some of the risks

Securities Based Mortgage

  Here is a method to obtain a home mortgage without putting down a traditional down payment, it’s called a Securities Based Loan.  These types of mortgages aren’t new, however, they aren’t typically advertised either. These mortgages are specially designed for borrowers who have sufficient income to make monthly payments toward a home, but who

Recruiting and Retaining Top Talent

    Many businesses rely on the key employees within their organization for success. Competition for these people can be aggressive, so your business may be looking for strategies — beyond qualified plans — to help recruit, reward and retain key talent.   Here are a few of options which fall outside the traditional qualified

Risk Diversification for Business Owners

    You can find hundreds of books on why portfolio diversification is important, and most give sound examples of this strategy.  Unfortunately, many business owners are not able to diversify their assets.  Your business takes up so much capital and effort just to grow successfully, that a single minded focus on execution may seem

Why Market Volatility May be Good

The old adage, buy low – sell high, is very difficult to do when market volatility is low, as it has been for a long time. It’s very difficult to find an entry point for a position in a company you like when its stock price seemingly rises month after month.  Volatility changes that.  Weaker

How Do Financial Advisors Help You?

The question I’m asked most often is, “What do you think will happen to the markets if ‘X’ happens?” The second most common question is “Should I sell stocks now?” The honest answer to both questions is that no one knows for sure.  Short term volatility along with event “risk” many times leads to fear

What is a Roth IRA?

  The Roth IRA was created in 1997 and is named after Senator William Roth. The Roth IRA is a versatile retirement plan that confers multiple benefits. The contributions made are with after-tax money and are not tax-deductible, this enables earnings on the account to accumulate tax-free. Distributions from the account are also tax free provided certain

Raymond James Cares 2021: Feeding Tampa Bay

On Wednesday, May 26th, our team at All Seasons Wealth had a wonderful experience volunteering at Feeding Tampa Bay. Feeding Tampa Bay is an organization leading the movement to end hunger in our community with the ultimate goal of ending hunger in Tampa Bay by 2025! COVID-19 has surged the need for food in our

The Importance of Early Investing

 “He who understands compound interest, earns it…he who doesn’t…pays it.”- Albert Einstein Compound interest is interest calculated on the initial principal combined with interest earned in previous years. In more simplistic terms, earning interest on interest.  It may seem minuscule in the moment but the foundation behind compounding interest is the amount of time left

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